Are you looking for a guild? Join us today!

Are you looking for a guild? Join us today!

Even tho we are gatorrolling over Velious and all these dragons are dying we are still looking for a few more good players that are not easily offended to fill our ranks!  So if you are looking for a new guild with a great core group you should apply! because “keeping it quasi casual never looked so good!”

Day 5- Kael

Day 5- Kael

where are you Nayrue? we spent the night in kael…


Vindi ☑

Statue of RZ ☑


Avatar of War ☑


King Tormax ☑




Day 4- the Planes & labyrinth

Day 4- the Planes & labyrinth

We have been destroying everything we have fought so far!

apparently noone took a screenshot of Velks corpse.. and we killed him twice. bums!

some more from the PoG clear

hey Keepz… what is this, a union job? 


A new segment, brought to you by Setha: urban dictionary’s word of the week

can you spot the Gatorroll surnames in our screenshots? 😀



Day 2- EToV & Yelinak

Day 2- EToV & Yelinak

Day 2-

we saw some more dragons and drakes today.  also, it looks like that snow is here to stay. ew.

silly monks… it’s dead


we took a ~2 hour stroll to see this guy go down like a lead balloon…. Dorothy we’re not in kansas anymore…. THIS is why we left p99 and moved to agnarr right here.


<3 Cexii