Registered User
What is your in game character name?

What is your Race, Class, and Level?
Iksar, Monk, 60

Is this your main character?
I also have a pocket druid, and am working on a cleric/sk combo.

What guild are you currently in, if any, and why are you leaving? What other guilds have you been in?
Not currently. Was in Last Outlaws and Endless Age. Both guilds imploded when most of the raiding core decided to leave for other guilds.

Did an existing FoR member request for you to apply? (Referrals are not required, but may expedite your application.)

Do you have any prior EQ/MMO raid experience? If so, explain.
Too much.
I've been playing MMOs since 1999. First EQ, then Wow, then eq, then almost anything that would hold my interest. As for Everquest, I was casual for the first several expansions, but started raiding velious stuff in my casual guild around PoP. Eventually I changed guilds and ended up being main puller and raid leader through PoP/Gates/OOW content before I stopped playing. Here's my oldschool profile:


Do you own a set of resist gear or are you capable of acquiring resist gear when necessary?
Haven't upgrade to velium stuff yet, but yes.

What time zone are you in?
What keys do you have?
SEB, Charasis, CoM, PoSky7, CS, tofs1

Why are you interested in joining FoR?
You guys raid during my active hours.

Add anything extra to your application?
I know way too much about the inner workings of this game. It scares me sometimes.

I have read the Application process, and agree with the ideals of FoR.
I'm ok with hookers.

Once guilded as a Recruit, I will familiarize myself with the FoR Discord environment.
Yay! no vent/teamspeak!

Once guilded as a Recruit, I will register in the FoR DKP site and add my character.

Once promoted from Recruit to Member, I will go through the New Member Checklist.


i'm not AFK i'm just a wizard
Please make sure you get registered on our Discord ( https://discord.gg/yu8d2Kf ) using your main character name. Don't forget to register for DKP with your character's name (spelled how it is in game, first name only). This is separate from our website! http://www.forguild.com/dkp/ Make sure to register each of your boxes individually, as they spend DKP differently from mains. Also please make sure you read and understand the DKP bible. Once you are registered on Discord, have made a character on the DKP site, and have read and understand the DKP bible, tag @recruiter on our #app channel on Discord and say hello and ask for a guild tag-- any of our officers online can tag you.