Tiolc - Level 57 Enchanter and Namadar 55 Cleric (Box)


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Aug 24, 2018
California, USA
What is your in game character name?
Tiolc and Namadar

What is your Race, Class, and Level?
High Elf Enchanter, Level 57 and High Elf Cleric Level 55.

How many AA's do you have?
Each characters has 2 AA's from flagging.

Is this your main character?
The Enchanter is. Namadar is my box cleric.

What guild are you currently in, if any, and why are you leaving? What other guilds have you been in?
I was in Repetative Deliquency, but never raided with them or anything.

Did an existing FoR member request for you to apply? (Referrals are not required, but may expedite your application.)
Yes, DJdizzywhizzle referred me to the guild.

Do you have any prior EQ/MMO raid experience? If so, explain.
Oh yeah, I've raided all of this content before on Saryrn Server and recent on Phinny Server as a 65 Bard. Time/elemental geared. I also raided all of the Kunark and old world bosses on the bard.
World of Warcraft, I've raided everything from Vanilla 40 man Nax, to BC - All content - Wrath All content - Quit shortly after that. I've been back and fourth with that game, but it sucks now. I've also raided
on other MMO's such as Rift, ESO, NeverWinter and a bunch of others.

Do you own a set of resist gear or are you capable of acquiring resist gear when necessary?
I don't own one now, but I can def get one if its needed.

What time zone are you in?
Pacific Standard Time. I live in California.

What keys do you have? How close to completion are you on keys that you don't have?
I'm currently flagged for POV and BOT

Why are you interested in joining FoR?
I'd like to raid. My last guild was having difficulty clearing PoTime. They are considering merging the guild.

Add anything extra to your application?
Nothing to add really.

I have read the Application process, and agree with the ideals of FoR.

Once guilded as a Recruit, I will familiarize myself with the FoR Discord environment & AceVentura (bid bot).
Will do. Your bot is named AceVentura? That's awesome.

Once guilded as a Recruit, I will get in contact with @Sayron or @Korax to get my character registered on the DKP site.
Will do.

Once promoted from Recruit to Member, I will go through the New Member Checklist and be sure my discord and forum permissions are up to date
It's not that much to ask. Will do.