Pocahontas 65 Ranger


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Aug 5, 2019
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
What is your in game character name?


What is your Race, Class, and Level?

Wood Elf, Ranger, 65

How many AA's do you have?


Is this your main character?

Pocahontas is my main Character. I created her on day one of Agnarr launch.

What guild are you currently in, if any, and why are you leaving? What other guilds have you been in?

Currently i have no guild. I played with Faceless Empire at the start of the server for 3 months of classic, 3 months of Kunark, 3 months of Velious, 3 Months of Luclin.
after 12 months of raiding with a 85% RA i had something personal to deal with in real life and had to take a leave of absence 1 week into PoP being released. It was kind of disappointing to be unable to progress with my character after putting in so much work but i had to deal with something personal.

I had a great attitude during my time with Faceless Empire and held a high RA considering they batphoned almost 24/7 doing open world and instance raids, id also like to mention i was consistent in parsing top 5 and even 3 almost every raid zonewide and was usually given the role of guild Main Assist because of my ability to pay attention and cycle targets fast for us during raids like Vex Thall runs and such.

I have returned after being away for a year and i would like very much to begin raiding once more and finish PoP, LoY, LDoN.
PoP was something i was never able to do when i played EQ1 when i was younger. It was the era i first started playing EQ1 and i was my first MMO. I absolutely love EQ1 for the nostalgia and id like to be able to play on Agnarr until the wheels fall off so to speak. I have no interest in any other servers or future TLP's.

Did an existing FoR member request for you to apply? (Referrals are not required, but may expedite your application.)

I currently do not know any FoR members but my best friend recently joined as a recruit. We came back to the game together to finish progression now that i am able to play again. (Ghoro is my best friend in FoR as recruit)

Do you have any prior EQ/MMO raid experience? If so, explain.

EQ1 was my first MMO, i played during Pop and through to Omens of War and left to go to EQ2.
in EQ2 i raided with the top 1-5 worldwide progression guilds on several servers over the years and eventually went on to play on Project 1999RED and have decide to play on Agnarr as my final destination.

Do you own a set of resist gear or are you capable of acquiring resist gear when necessary?

Yes, I acquired BiS Luclin gear more or less and have every possible clickie a ranger can have in classic, Kunark, Velious, Lucllin.

What time zone are you in?


What keys do you have? How close to completion are you on keys that you don't have?

I have everything from the first 4 expansions but require a lot of work in PoP, that is i need all flags and am going to work on this as soon as possible and will be getting levels 61-65 ASAP.

Why are you interested in joining FoR?

I want to play with great players, enjoy EQ1 because it is my passion, i enjoy EQ1 very much so and i enjoy meeting people and getting to know them if possible and sharing in memories. Eq1 requires friends and a guild to truey progress and FoR looks to be well organized and im hoping i can join to raid and have somewhere to call home for my character.

Add anything extra to your application?

i have a good attitude / personality in that i get along with almost everyone, i am kind and caring and do not seek out drama, usually knowing how to turn the other cheek. i am kind of shy until i get to know you and i keep to myself mostly. i am always available to help people and i like to give people the benefit of the doubt and choose to see the good in people rather than their shortcomings because we all have character flaws but we also have charm and personalities if you look close enough.

I have read the Application process, and agree with the ideals of FoR.

yes and yes..

Once guilded as a Recruit, I will familiarize myself with the FoR Discord environment & AceVentura (bid bot).

i will look into this tool and ask any questions when unsure, i realize that nobody is here to hold my hand and my ability to progress is a direct result of the work i put in and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Once guilded as a Recruit, I will get in contact with @Sayron or @Korax to get my character registered on the DKP site.


Once promoted from Recruit to Member, I will go through the New Member Checklist and be sure my discord and forum permissions are up to date

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