i bid you adieu


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Jul 29, 2018
my living room
Hi all.

I’m going to take my leave of Flames of Reverence. It’s not due to any interpersonal conflict; there has been none, none at all. It’s not due to any perceived disfunction or anything untoward, it is simply because the time I normally play does not mesh with the guild, as a whole. The people I’ve interacted with have been, and continue to be, exceptional. I have little doubt that if my available time coincided with the normal play time of the rest of FoR, I would this would be precisely what I’m looking for in a guild. Unfortunately I can not log on earlier in the day and so it makes FoR a poor fit for me. Again, it is not at all due to the people, it is due to play time.

I wish you all well. I hope this does not cause any bad feelings, as I have none, and I look forward to seeing you in game.