Frazzleburn and crew

Apologies for any formatting errors, I am pasting from my phone while wife is asleep since computers are in the bedroom.

What is your in game character name?
I four box frazzleburn the enchanter, jandaliir the necromancer, aurrik the mage, and juris the cleric.
What is your Race, Class, and Level? 60 HE enchanter, 60 iksar necromancer, 60 erudite mage, 60 halfling cleric

Is this your main character? will determine main based on guild needs, however, juris and jandaliir are the best geared as of now. I'm in the process of upgrading as I pushed from the 40s to 60s very recently due to a health mandated down time.

What guild are you currently in, if any, and why are you leaving? What other guilds have you been in? I am currently in soulmarked. We had a problem officer who was recently removed for his antics, but who waged an all out offensive to ensure I was never awarded items and insisted that I was not worth being in guild when I fell behind due to my health. It caused a lot of contention and I stopped raiding because it was taking the fun out. The guild leader reprimanded him, alongside others who vouched for me, but this caused me to become isolated from the guild. After he was removed, several offices asked me if I would resume raiding, but I feel it would be a biased environment and something I wouldn't enjoy.

Did an existing FoR member request for you to apply? (Referrals are not required, but may expedite your application.)
Crasy and stabbit, who recently applied, put the idea in my mind as I was searching for a new home, and Jimi who recently returned had nothing but positives to say about the guild, however, nobody specifically asked me to apply.
Do you have any prior EQ/MMO raid experience? If so, explain. I have raided on everquest for many years now on cazic Thule / fennin to, up to t2 EoK encounters, and was in one of the top raid teams for several years (Darkstar Alliance). I have experience raiding in classic / kunark as well, although I have never raided velious / luclin content when it was current due to my age at the time.

Do you own a set of resist gear or are you capable of acquiring resist gear when necessary?
Not currently, but I have a 200 skill JC on frazzleburn and a friend with much higher skill.
What time zone are you in? mountain time, one hour behind central.

What keys do you have? all four are lacking raiding keys, but have sebilis and several have keys for sky. Juris the cleric has all sky keys if I remember correctly.

Why are you interested in joining FoR? I enjoy a dog environment, have had positive encounters with most members I've grouped with, and have several friends in the guild who I would love to raid with.

Add anything extra to your application?
I four box and often assist low desire classes with groups as my core party can solo most group content with ease. I also have a druid on the necromancer account that is 44, but will be leveled soon, and a 49 bard on the magician account that will likewise be leveling very soon. Oh, and juris is the only one with a completed epic ATM. Cleric epic was vital so I did it at level 49.
I have read the Application process, and agree with the ideals of FoR.
I believe the ideals are great, as I have seen them, though I would still love to chat in game for more information.
Once guilded as a Recruit, I will familiarize myself with the FoR Discord environment.
Once guilded as a Recruit, I will register in the FoR DKP site and add my character.
Once promoted from Recruit to Member, I will go through the New Member Checklist.

Also agreed


Staff member
I think I speak for everyone when I say that you should choose your main based on what you enjoy playing the most. I love boxers who can do it well and we have several people who box four to six characters regularly. That said, you do need to pick one main. Personally, I'd think necro or cleric make a fine choice.

While we encourage people to bring boxes on raids as needed, they will be asked to drop from the raid to make room for level appropriate mains (55+) who show up. This is to ensure that everyone who wants to raid can raid.

But everything sounds good! Please make sure you get registered on our Discord ( ) using your main character name. Don't forget to register for DKP with your character's name (spelled how it is in game, first name only). This is separate from our website! Make sure to register each of your boxes individually, as they spend DKP differently from mains. Also please make sure you read and understand the DKP bible. Once you are registered on Discord, have made a character on the DKP site, and have read and understand the DKP bible, tag @recruiter on our #app channel on Discord and say hello and ask for a guild tag-- any of our officers online can tag you.