Eskey 63 Ranger


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Apr 26, 2018
What is your in game character name?

What is your Race, Class, and Level?
Half Elf(Tunare), Ranger and 63 (Edited level)

How many AA's do you have?

Is this your main character?
Currently my only character, I started playing on Agnarr on April 10th fresh.

What guild are you currently in, if any, and why are you leaving? What other guilds have you been in?
Shadow Requiem and because it's hard to spell.... kidding, their raid times are just a little to early for me to make consistently. I joined because two RL friends wanted me to raid with them but neither of them have been able to play more than 45 minutes since the day I started playing on Agnarr. So I feel it's time to find something that fits my time schedule.

Did an existing FoR member request for you to apply? (Referrals are not required, but may expedite your application.)
No, I have grouped a lot with Frazzleburn, and Syhtrak was one of my childhood idols. (I was a little brat on Torvonnilous where Blades of Wrath ruled the world.)

Do you have any prior EQ/MMO raid experience? If so, explain.
I raided everything up to time on Torvonnilous in era, Blades didnt let anyone else into time! Also played over a dozen different emulator servers over the years with various points in progression and styles of play(no box, 3 box, anybox/macroquest). I've also raided in top 20 competitive guilds in wow etc... I have forgotten a lot more than I remember, it's slowly coming back to me.

Do you own a set of resist gear or are you capable of acquiring resist gear when necessary?
I do not, I fully intend to. On live we used to go 9-18man NToV dragons in downtime. It would be fun to do that again.

What time zone are you in?
I live in CST, however I work til about 7-8 CST most nights and sometimes slightly later. Then get on and play until about 5am.

What keys do you have? How close to completion are you on keys that you don't have?
I have zero keys. I have done nothing but level and grind since I started on the server April 10th. I would love to take the time to do them specifically sleeper and possibly Emp/VT if they are still relevant for what we will raid. However when I finally got to a point where I didn't feel like I needed to level, pop released...

Why are you interested in joining FoR?
I have yet to have a single bad experience with an FoR member. I'm far to old to be bickering and fighting over a camp, who gets loot, who is in what xp group etc. I did enough of that on P99 and other servers. Mostly though it is due to raid time, I can't raid with my RL friends and keep my job. So my choices are don't raid or find somewhere that raids later than they do. If I'm not going to raid during PoP the greatest expansion of all time then what am I even doing here?

Add anything extra to your application?
Not really, maybe just curious if any other old Torvonnilous people are here but I can figure that out later if I get accepted.

I have read the Application process, and agree with the ideals of FoR.

Once guilded as a Recruit, I will familiarize myself with the FoR Discord environment & AceVentura (bid bot).

Once guilded as a Recruit, I will get in contact with @Sayron or @Korax to get my character registered on the DKP site.

Once promoted from Recruit to Member, I will go through the New Member Checklist and be sure my discord and forum permissions are up to date
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May 8, 2017
Please make sure you get registered on our Discord using your main character's name. ( ) Register on the DKP site with your character's first name. ( Also please make sure you read and understand the FoR DKP bible ( Once you have done all those things, tag @recruiter in our #app channel on Discord, say hello, and ask for a guild tag. Any of our officers online can tag you in game.