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May 7, 2017
Flames of Reverence DKP Bible

Depending on the raid, will receive 1-3 DKP hourly. This is tracked automatically by officers who take logs throughout the duration of a raid.

Certain mobs will give a DKP bonus when they are killed, as per this table. Note these values are subject to tweaks as the guild progresses.


If you are /role, /anon or /lfg you will not receive DKP. This is both because our software that parses logs will discard /role, /anon and /lfg people, and we want you to wear the guild tag with pride.

If you fail to have your character registered on the DKP site, and raid with that character, all DKP earned for those raids are forfeit. Add all your characters in the guild to the DKP site to avoid this mishap.

There must be at least 13 members or more at an event to earn DKP. Make sure someone has logging enabled and has taken multiple samples of "/w guild" every hour. No log = no DKP. Then later send the log to an officer for DKP upload.

Any droppable gear obtained using DKP must be returned to the guild when that player receives an upgrade. The person returning the gear may receive a credit of 1/2 their initial DKP purchase price if the guild is interested in repurchasing it. The purpose of this rule is to help keep all of our members geared as quickly as possible and to keep the guild as a whole strong. Any person caught selling raid loot without authorization will be penalized as stated below in the tradable items section.

Addendum 03/09/2018
From this point onward, tradeable loot from past expansions will be handled as such: currently active MAINS bid the same as they always have. If it's an upgrade for your main, nothing changes in how you bid. If it is not a direct upgrade they will need to bid as an ALT instead of a MAIN. This includes BOXES. Anyone may bid on any tradeable item as an ALT using your primary characters name regardless of what you are going to do with the item. If you win an item on an ALT bid the item is yours free and clear and you may do with it what you wish. Bidding as an ALT for free and clear items will always use your main's DKP pool. Mains will always win over alt bids. You may not bid as a box for tradeable gear any longer, nor use your boxes' dkp to pay for them. Any abuse of this system will be penalized.

Bids in FoR are silent. When an item drops, an officer or helper will announce that the item is up for bids and they will activate the item on the auction bot on discord.

Once the auction has been created you will send AceVentura a direct message with the format in the auction message.


You can see at the bottom of the auction creation message AceVentura shows you the format on how to bid. You would copy the line that says:
Once copied, simply right click on AceVentura's name on the auction and click message. Paste your line in the direct message with him then edit the line to read properly for the character you are bidding on.
"Essence of Gnome" Qenni Main 50
Retracting bids is allowed. Simply direct message AceVentura and tell him
"Essence of Gnome" cancel
as an example. Once you cancel a bid on an item you may not bid on that item again, so cancel wisely.

If an item is passed by all Mains, Boxes, Alts, and Recruits AT THE RAID. People at the raid can bid for Boxes and Alts of theirs that aren't present They are responsible for getting to the raid and looting without delaying the raid in any way. They are also responsible for any costs incurred.

Finally, if an item is passed on by all present at raid, the item is to be looted by an officer, senior member, or trusted member (in that order) and placed into the guild bank for guild use or guild funds.

DKP SPENDING RULES (mains, boxes, alts, recruits)
The DKP posted on the website is what you have available when your item drops. The DKP awarded for the current raid is not usable until posted.

Do not overbid and go negative DKP, otherwise you will be penalized and will not receive the item bid on. The penalty for overbidding is double the amount of the deficit created (if not caught while in bid). For example, if you bid 10 on an item but only have 8 DKP to bid with you will have -2, thus your penalty will be -4 and end total will be -6. If someone is creating an overbidding trend they will be addressed individually. In most scenarios Ace will not allow you to go negative.

The highest bid wins regardless of seniority. However, officers have the power to step in and redirect loot assignment, regardless of who the highest bidder is. We do not expect this to happen frequently. But it might happen in situations when it’s in the best interest of guild progression for an item to live in the hands of a certain member or the guild itself.

MAIN DEFINITION: Single character that is your primary focus and priority. It is also the character you applied as. One main per live body playing.

When playing your MAIN at a raid, you will get bidding priority over alts that want to bid for their main.
  • Only on RARE occasion when your ALT's class is specifically requested by the raid leader, you'll be given the opportunity for your ALT to bid against mains. If you choose to do this, you cannot bid for your actual MAIN for the duration specified by the raid leader. -- Qenni must be notified every time this occurs and why.
All MAIN changes are subject to approval from leadership, and both characters must be MAX level for consideration. Once that approval has been obtained, the player may swap DKP pools with the new character and the member’s new MAIN will be charged a 100 DKP penalty and then will be charged twice the amount of DKP for a purchase similar to a BOX or ALT for the period of one month. A second MAIN change will be charged the 100 DKP penalty and twice the DKP for two months and so on:
  • 1st main change: 100DKP & 2x DKP charged for first 30 days (no main changes in this time)

  • 2nd main change: 100DKP & 2x DKP charged for first 60 days (no main changes in this time)

  • 3rd main change: 100DKP & 2x DKP charged for first 90 days (no main changes in this time)
Fees may be waived for specific situations. For example, if switching from a main when you have spent 0 DKP, or swapping to a highly needed class.

These rules are not meant to be punishing, more to prevent a character from amassing DKP in a class where items can be purchased for 1 DKP and coming in and steamrolling an entire classes DKP bids. We are trying to be fair and this may change over time, with the intention of keeping things fair and balanced.

BOX DEFINITION: Characters on a separate account from your main, with a separate computer that can be logged on and played effectively.
  • BOXES may be asked to leave in order to make room for MAINS in spawned instances which have a player cap.

  • BOXES may earn DKP but will pay 3x the bid cost and are currently capped at 100 DKP. For example, they may bid 100 DKP maximum which will later get charged at 300 DKP.

  • BOXES can roll need for items against a MAIN if the item is to be rolled off but may be asked to roll greed for certain things like key pieces.
  • BOXES are not allowed to bid on any tradable gear that is bid out. If you want an item for your box you must bid as your main with the ALT character type as described above.
ALT DEFINITION: Characters on the same account as your MAIN (or BOX) that are used for raiding rather than your MAIN (or BOX).
  • Alts will be linked with the Main (or BOX) accounts on the DKP website and will accrue points together. They will also earn the same amount of DKP for each raid.

  • Alts will be NOT be allowed to bid against Mains or Boxes and will be charged the amount of DKP for the purchase from their Main/Alt DKP pool. To further clarify, if you are the first to bid, and bid 10 DKP for an alt, a MAIN can still come in and bid 1 DKP and beat your bid.
Raiding with ALTS and BOXES:
  • Character must meet the raid's minimum level requirement.

  • Characters must be registered on the DKP website. Alts will be under your main character. Boxes will be registered individually.

  • Characters must have reasonable gear for the content difficulty.

  • ALTS should not be used when your MAIN class has a shortage for the raid.

  • ALT loot bids must be identified as ALT bids. MAIN and BOX item bids will always have priority.

  • ALTS may bid for their main only if no other mains/boxes have bid, and as long as getting gear to main doesn't slow the raid. The Raid Leader (RL)'s permission is required to play any other character but your main on every raid.

  • Officers reserve the right to request your MAIN due to event difficulty and/or class shortages.

  • Members interested in collecting rotting items for ALTS or BOXES not present on the raid should pre-park their characters close to the raid. If the raid requires an expensive spell reagent (hate), then the alternate should carry the necessary reagent or platinum to repay the guild bank. Progress of the raid may not be disrupted.
RECRUIT DEFINITION: New members who have been guild tagged but not yet promoted to full member status.
  • RECRUITS will earn DKP when raiding but will not be allowed to bid against a Main, Box or Alt. They will only be eligible for rot items and will either be charged a minimum or their winning bid amount against another Recruit.

  • The RECRUIT can be allowed to go into the negative on rotting no-drop non-multiquestable items only and may then continue to bid on items as a recruit going further negative, however, another recruit with a higher balance will be given loot priority, a RECRUIT with positive DKP will always win vs a one in the negative. Once a recruit is made full member, they will not be allowed to bid on any items even rotting ones until they go back into positive dkp.

  • RECRUITS must meet the same level and equipment requirements as BOXES and ALTS.

  • RECRUITS are promoted to full member once they have reached 200 DKP. Of course this assumes good behavior thus far.

  • Epic Quests - General rule of thumb is open DKP bid for Epic pieces dropped on raids, its encouraged to let someone further along get a piece, but isn't mandatory. Triggered mobs will always be done for the benefit of the person doing the turn in.

  • Quest items: Quest items may be distributed based on members progress in the quest giving preferences to players needing last piece. If multiple players are at the same point in a quest raid 30 day attendance and accumulated DKP will be used to determine who will receive the item. Triggered mobs will always be done for the benefit of the person doing the turn in.

  • Miscellaneous: Leadership may opt to hold an item for guild use. This should be done sparingly but may be necessary occasionally in order for the guild to progress. They may also decide to prioritize loot to certain classes in order to maximize its use. (Example - Puppet Strings)

  • Player Cap Limits: Anyone who arrives on time for a raid but cannot join due to player cap limits will be WAITLISTED. They will accrue one half normal DKP while waitlisted. They must be able to enter the raid immediately upon request so please bind outside of the raid if you leave. If you are unable to join the raid immediately you will not be allowed to receive waitlist DKP for a month, increasing by 1 month for each infraction up to 3 months. After that you will be permanently banned from waitlist DKP.

  • Any OPEN WORLD raid target must be announced in /gu and anyone allowed to attend. If you have been tracking it for personal reasons, you must announce the loot rules up front before anyone agrees to help. If there is any conflict of interest (other people needing the item), or a total if 13+ characters in attendance, then it is to be run as an official DKP event, and DKP bid out all loot.

    <Tradeskill modifiers - 03/09/2018>
  • Tradeskill modifying items will be awarded in the following way -- the first tradeskill modifying item that drops will be given to the guild tradeskiller of that tradeskill. This is usually the person with the highest level of the tradeskill and someone who goes out of their way to help others learn and grow their own tradeskill as well as helping with combines free of charge. Any additional drops of that tradeskill modifying item will be bid out using the DKP system of bidding. If the guild leadership determines that there is a need to grant an additional tradeskill modifying item they will do so at high need only or if the current guild tradeskiller in that tradeskill has become inactive for a period of time to exceed two weeks.
    </Tradeskill modifiers>

    <No Drop Clickies - 03/30/2018>
  • No Drop Clicky effect items(inventory usable & inventory usable by all classes): You may bid on these as a MAIN if your class can equip the item for its stats as an upgrade to your current gear. If the item is not an upgrade for your current gear you will bid GREED. The loot master will bid the item out in the following manner:
    .dkp startbids "Thorny Cloak-nbg"
    In doing this the bot will offer the options to bid as a Main/Box/Alt/Recruit/MC/Greed. Only Main and Greed bids will be accepted for these items similar to tradable gear.
    </No Drop Clickies>

Retard awards are given out for laughable acts of foolishness. For example, arriving late and begging/demanding ports. Just pay a druid 50p for a port, or be proactive and log off at tomorrow's meeting point.
  • AFK during raids without saying anything in guild chat. We all have to AFK, but if you constantly do it and say nothing, you shouldn't be in attendance. AFK checks will commence at random.

  • Not in Discord during a raid. We don't require a microphone, but we do need you to listen.

  • Wipe raid because you were not following instructions.

  • Bidding DKP that you do NOT have is a huge no-no. Please check your DKP before bidding. A lot of items are No Drop, we all need gear, so please be respectful of your mates.

  • Loot whoring and looking for ways to exploit guild rules. This has always been taboo, so don't ever do it. Multiple offenses could result in guild removal. We need to be able to trust our members.

  • If you are found to be inactive on a DKP event you will be ineligible to bid on loot and may even receive a DKP penalty for abuse of the system. i.e. no AFKing in zone to get loot, be helpful to your friends and guildmates don't try to abuse the system.
<TRADABLE ITEMS - 03/09/2018 >
Tradable items that have been won by a MAIN need authorization to be used other than on that MAIN. Once your MAIN upgrades the item the tradable item needs to be returned to the guild if the guild is interested in repurchasing it you will be refunded half your DKP purchase price of the item. If the guild is not interested in repurchasing it then it becomes your item free and clear and you may do with it what you wish. Tradable items won as an ALT bid are free and clear for the owner to do with as they please. All previous tradable items fall under the first category in this heading and must be approved before sold. If you are asked to reproduce it on your main character and are unable to do so you will be charged 5x the purchase price in dkp for the first offense, 10x the purchase price in dkp for the second offense and 50x the purchase price on the third offense. Any additional infractions will result in guild removal. If you are not in compliance with this rule at the date that it is put in place it is strongly encouraged you approach Qenni or Hefty to discuss your situation. Random gear spot checks will be done. If you are interested in getting your tradable item that you won prior to the instutition of this policy marked as free and clear please get with the DKP team (this is strongly encouraged if you are not currently using it on your main). The most likely scenario is that we won't repurchase it and you will be allowed to keep it free and clear. However, if you are asked to reproduce the item and are unable to do so you will be hit with the penalty for each item you are unable to reproduce. It is each members responsibility to keep track of their own tradable gear and its free and clear status as recognized by the guild. In order to get your item marked as free and clear you will be asked to produce it in a trade window with the DKP officer. The DKP officer will record your entry as being free and clear on the dkp site by editing the item name to include [fac date]. Recruits will not be allowed to bid on tradable items.


For Classic era raids, you need to be level 50 or above.
For Kunark, Fear 2.0, or Velious era raids, you need to be level 55 or above.
For Luclin you need to be level 60 or above.
For Planes of Power you need to be level 60 or above. You may be restricted from coming to raids if you are not showing adequate leveling progress.

The guild relies on EQ's logging functionality to track raid attendance and member performance.

If you are unsure whether a raid is an actual DKP event, ask an officer. If an officer confirms it being a DKP event, they need to be prepared to lead the event and award loot appropriately. If an event has raid worthy loot then it should be handled using the DKP system. If an officer cannot be reached or is unable to lead the raid, and it is a worthy DKP event, the members involved will choose a raid leader who will be responsible for the /log of the event, taking bids, and award loot appropriately. Any platinum items such as gems dropped during the course of the raid should be parceled to Qenni or Hefty for the guild bank. Also parcel any droppable items to Qenni or Hefty that are not needed by a regular member. They will discuss eligibility for any recruits present and decide how to distribute the items

If you are interested in becoming a raid leader, please get with Qenni, Hefty or an officer for additional training. Here are some instructions on how you can log a raid yourself.

Logging is not enabled by default, but there is a method to enable it permanently. You do this by using the in-game command /log on. Logs are per-character and are found in your \EverQuest\Logs folder.

When items drop please use AceVentura to bid them out appropriately. If you want to lead raids and do not have access to speak in the #silent_auctions channel please get with an officer to grant you Raid Speaker access.

Lastly, send this log to the DKP Officer for processing and upload to the DKP site.
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