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    DKP Bible

    Flames of Reverence DKP Bible HOW TO EARN DKP Depending on the raid, will receive 1-3 DKP hourly. This is tracked automatically by officers who take logs throughout the duration of a raid. Certain mobs will give a DKP bonus when they are killed, as per this table. Note these values are...
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    *herpes ftfy

    *herpes ftfy
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    Crap Weasel Members

    i volunteer @keepz to help him get a pair of jboots
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    Out for Houston flooding

    good luck, I can't imagine how much work its going to be to take care of all those flooded homes
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    10dkp minus @Mayosquirt
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    Sup hookers?! First raid! and second raid.

    Group shot before we started killing fire giants. I said line up assholes... Upskirt shot of naggy's anushole. We'll get you next time fucker. Grats bards. Sky? Oh shit! BZZZZZZZZ.. What the everliving fuck did they do to this zone? Wait... what? About fucking time... WRU...
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    How to Apply to Flames of Reverence

    We are an EverQuest guild forming a new chapter on Agnarr, and we want you to join us! WHAT KEEPS US BUSY? Here's a video to introduce you to some of what we've done on Project 99. Gratitude to Darksynth for production. GUILD HISTORY Flames of...
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    Thread for cuteness!
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    Welcome to the forums. Hope you guys like them. /rude Korax.